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Our Mission


We employ a holistic, strengths based approach to this overwhelming process so that you feel calm, organized, and most important, good about your authentic self throughout the journey.

We believe that “FIT” is the key that opens the door to success.

Here is how we do that:


College Fit

We listen to WHO you are, what you NEED and what you WANT!


Based on our long term and diverse experiences with college admissions, college success and career coaching we believe that the most crucial factor for thriving, not just surviving, in college (and beyond) is choosing a college that “fits” both the student and the family. As coaches, we know how to listen to you and how to fit all the pieces together into an authentic picture of who you are which allows us to suggest colleges where you will feel comfortable yet challenged! Each college, at every level of selectivity, has its own unique set of strengths, its own culture and its own menu of academic, social and financial opportunities. Our knowledge of the admissions process coupled with our deep knowledge of what each school has to offer, in every area of college life, allows us to help you find many colleges that will be a perfect fit.


Student Fit

Don’t know WHO you are or what you WANT yet?



We make sure that you are “fit” to make an informed decision about college. Of course, most high school students don’t yet know what they want to study or what type of college they want to attend. Aside from providing step by step guidance and advice throughout the admissions process, our coaching expertise enables us to become your thought partners. We help you figure out what you are passionate about, where your strengths lie and where those two things intersect. We help you explore your current high school, community and summer opportunities so you can learn more about your authentic self and determine what you would like to find at college. And we always make sure that each college to which you apply has a myriad of programs and a diverse culture so that if you change your mind, we’ve got you covered!


Financial Fit

Can our family AFFORD a college that fits?

We provide assistance in applying for student financial aid and scholarships and assessing what makes sense for your family. We know how much colleges cost and what a huge investment a college education is in your future. We help you navigate this important aspect of the admissions process so that it "fits"  your budget.

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