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Our Private Advising Services

Our services provide step by step guidance for students and families leading up to and through all aspects of the college admissions and decision process. We are happy to assist you with anything you need, but typically our services cover:


  • Defining and assessing student and family needs and expectations

  • Providing an overview of the entire process

  • Creating and supporting academic, extracurricular and financial goals

  • Encouraging and guiding exploration of student strengths, interests and passions

  • Advising about school, community, employment and summer opportunities

  • Reviewing transcripts and standardized test results

  • Assisting with high school course selection

  • Developing a personalized timeline

  • Establishing a standardized testing schedule

  • Providing referrals to test-prep services and tutors

  • Researching colleges and creating a balanced “right fit” college list

  • Planning and optimizing campus visits

  • Preparing for on campus and/or alumni interviews

  • Assessing options for college recommendations

  • Strategizing, brainstorming, editing and coaching  for all college application essays

  • Advising and strategizing for Early Decision and Early Action applications

  • Supporting  financial aid and scholarship opportunities

  • Handling waitlist decisions

  • Assessing college decision results

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