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Why Work With Us?




You get two college coaches for the price of one!

We work together on every step of every student’s journey so that you benefit by drawing on the experience of two professionals. You will work with both of us, individually, at different times throughout your journey, but behind the scenes we are collaborating and brainstorming to bring you the very best advice there is. With both of us intricately involved in your process there is never a time that you are not covered. We respond to almost any question or concern within 24 hours and we are able to accommodate your schedule for meetings. Two heads are definitely better than one--especially at no additional cost!






We understand that the college application process is only the beginning.


Thriving in college, learning how to identify, navigate and utilize available resources and opportunities in and out of the classroom, so that you can learn about the world and where you fit in, is what defines college success. We want your college experience to make you a great "fit" for the real world, whether you choose to continue your education or start your career. We have experience in creating and facilitating programming, not only in the college admissions process, but also in college success, supporting students on campus through to graduation, and in career and internship coaching. We know the “on the ground” experiences of real students at selective colleges throughout the country. We understand what it takes to get in, to fit in, to thrive, and to succeed after college. With that in mind, we are able to accurately identify several right fit colleges to help you achieve all of your goals.   

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